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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long are your contracts?

    We require a one-year commitment, but it can be cancelled at anytime with a 30-day notice for no fee, by either party. Sample Management Agreement

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost of property management varies by property type and size.  View Pricing

  • What do property managers do?

    Property managers act on behalf of the property owner and manage all the operations of a rental property, from marketing and tenant screening to leasing, rent collection, and maintenance. 

  • How do you find good tenants?

    Our goal is to find suitable tenants as soon as possible. In order to do this, we use various marketing avenues as well as our integrated partners. We market on websites such as and also more niche agencies like Most of our advertising is done digitally. 

  • How do you screen tenants?

    We screen all the prospective tenants with a variety of tests. Our office has a rigorous tenant screening process that will get you the best possible tenant for your property. This screening process includes credit check, employment check, and also previous landlord references. The tests have been chosen to lower the risk of admitting problematic tenants.

  • Who handles emergency service requests?

    Part of our contract with you includes 24/7 phone support for those middle of the night emergencies. You can call 818 739 1105 at any time of the day and we will help. Rest assured, we have it covered. 

  • Do you do evictions?

    Evictions are processed through lawyers and the court systems. We can help as necessary. 

  • What is a Property Manager's Responsibility?

    A property manager's responsibility is to run and maintain investment properties and collect monthly dues and fees.

  • Why Would a Tenant Want to Work With a Property Manager?

    Finding a great property can be challenging. A property management company can help a tenant find the right property for their needs.

  • Are Tenants Charged to Utilize a Property Management Service?

    Potential tenants and current tenants are not charged by a property management service. The owner of the property is contracted with and pays for the property manager.

  • How Much Will My Property Lease For?

    Our experienced property managers know how to help you maximize the value you get from rent. We'll use practical tools and result-oriented strategies to determine the proper rent. Among factors such as location, demand, and the property's condition, we conduct deep research and market comparisons. All the gathered knowledge allows us to create highly competitive rent prices.  

  • What Is the Process of Property Inspections?

    We do move-in and move-out inspections. As per your request, we can do an unlimited amount of drive-by inspections. This way you can ensure the property remains in good condition. Our team will walk through your property and look for specific signs of damage or signs that your property needs repairs. Our staff is trained to look for the smallest of signs. You can rest assured your property is in good hands with us.

  • How Can You Help With Nuisance Tenants?

    We do our best to prevent potential issues that may arise regarding property management. We have experience with problem tenants and nuisance tenants as well.

  • Do You Have Any Awards or Certifications?

    We are pleased to be a part of the Better Business Bureau and have a great rating there. We also belong to the Apartment Association of Los Angeles and are proud recipients of the 2022 Best Property Management Companies in Los Angeles Award.

  • Is There Anyone Who Handles After Hour Emergencies?

    We have a maintenance staff that can respond on an emergency basis. We ensure that your property will always be taken care of and comply with local laws and regulations.

  • Why Should I Choose Your Company Instead of Another?

    We have many years of experience serving the greater Los Angeles area and know the market very well. We cover a vast number of properties that include commercial and residential.

  • How Do You Determine How Much Rent to Charge?

    Rental and lease agreements are calculated by factors within the market, such as the value of a property and the demand for a particular unit in a designated area. Lot size and amenities that a property can offer are also used to determine the rent.

  • Who Is Responsible for Maintenance?

    We are responsible for all maintenance. We will conduct inspections before and after the tenant moves in and follow up with any tenant requests for maintenance in between inspections.

  • How Long Have You Been in Business?

    We have been in business since 1993. This gives us plenty of experience and insight into the Los Angeles market, which helps us to help you.

  • Are There Any Management Fees?

    Whether it is a commercial property or an apartment, it will be five percent of the monthly rent. This fee also applies to single-family homes. On top of monthly fees, we also charge initial set up fees and tenant placement fees.  Check our pricing

  • What Is the Communication Process Between the Owner and Property Manager?

    We communicate with the property owners in the way they prefer. We will always be available to answer any questions you might have and our expert team will always address your concerns, whether it be during regular business hours or off-hours. Property management means that you can still have a say in every decision that is made. Also, you can choose the level of how much you want to be involved in smaller-scale choices.  

  • Do You Offer Accounts Payable Services?

    We do. We are able to pay all of your property-related bills, including insurance, property taxes, and other property-related bills. We handle everything while you sit back and just collect rent.

  • How Long Has Your Company Been Doing Property Management?

    We have a team of property managers who deliver client satisfaction and customer service. Our property management team has been in business for over 25 years and has an excellent track record.

  • Are There Any Specific Types of Properties Your Company Specializes In?

    We are pleased to offer HOA management, commercial management, single family home management, retail management, apartment management, and short-term rental management.

  • Can I Talk to Your Current Clients?

    Absolutely! We strongly encourage getting feedback from our clients. Our website offers reviews from our clients and shares their experience while doing business with our property management team.

  • Do You Hold a License for Property Management?

    We are fully licensed to provide professional property management for any property, whether commercial, retail, apartment, or single-family homes. We are qualified to assist you in all your property management needs.

  • How Long Does It Take To Start Managing the Property?

    We will be ready within the first 24 hours after signing the contract.

  • How Do the Application Fees Work?

    enants need to pay the application fee. We use this fee to enable credit checks.

  • How Do You Collect the Rent?

    We have different payment methods: mail, office delivery, or online payments.

  • I Prefer Direct Deposits. Is It Possible?

    Yes, we can agree to make direct deposits to your preferred bank account.

  • Can I Keep My Current Insurance?

    Please check with your insurer to make sure that you keep the coverage. Before starting to manage, we need to see proof of your insurance. Your insurance won't cover the tenants' personal belongings. That's why all our renters need to have adequate renters insurance. This greatly helps to solve emergency issues.

  • What Does My Tenant Have to Do Before the Move-In?

    First, your tenant needs to successfully get through the screening process. When that goes well, they are obligated to pay the full security deposit. Also, they will get an appointment to sign the lease agreement. They need to read through the legal document and agree with all the terms. Sometimes there are extra fees involved. In this case, they need to settle all of these things when signing the agreement.

  • How Will My Tenant Be Cleared From Their Lease?

    When your tenant moves out, we inspect the property's condition thoroughly. They will get the approval along with the returned security deposit. That holds only true if there are no damages found.

  • How Are the Utilities Organized?

    When tenants move into your property, all tenant utilities will be on their name. Some types of utilities could be catered for by the properties. For example, trash collection or water. All the owner's utilities stay attached to their name. These utilities get submitted to the office for payment. Of course, your regular cash flow statement includes the utilities.

  • What if My Tenant Doesn’t Pay Rent on Time?

    Our lease agreements contain strict rules about rent payment delays and failures. Tenants have to quickly pay the late fees after receiving the notice. Continuing payment default results in eviction.

  • What’s the Policy for Property Damage?

    We will repair all damage using our licensed and professional partners. Before the repairs begin, we'll inform you about the details. When we get your permission, we'll begin the work at the earliest moment possible. All maintenance and unexpected repairs are done using high-quality vendors at their best price.

  • Which Reports Can I Access?

    You are able to access a multitude of reports when you use our owner portal. These reports include regular statements for income and expenses.

  • Is It a Good Idea to Welcome Pets or Smokers?

    Allowing pets and smokers isn't something you would be obliged to do. When it comes to pets, you should keep in mind that being too strict could cost you a considerable amount of prospects. We forbid smoking in all the rental properties. If we find evidence of smoking, then the tenants have to pay for any relevant damages.