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Property Management Solutions

Retail Property Management

Our company of professionals provides a full range of Retail Management services, so put your worries in our hands. We guarantee:

  • Peace of mind
  • Privacy
  • Compliance
  • Asset preservation
  • Best value
  • Accurate accounting
  • Quality customer service

Retail Property Management Services Include:

  • Prompt rent collection with option to pay online
  • CAM reconciliations
  • Marketing vacancies online and syndicated on the MLS
  • Rigorous tenant screening including optional background check
  • Move-In and Move-Out property inspections
  • Drafting and signing of lease documents, including addendums
  • Maintaining property insurance coverage
  • Send out notices to renters
  • Contract negotiations and competitive bids for property services
  • Manage maintenance and repair requests from tenants
  • Manage accounts payable
  • Comprehensive financial reporting
  • Provide 24/7 emergency call service
  • Ensure compliance with local ordinances

Benefits of Complete Property Care:

  • A professional property management company will ensure that your property has high quality tenants that rent long term and pay on time
  • King George Property Management will help prevent potential legal problems by staying up to date on any laws, ordinances, or safety issues at your property
  • Our management team will make sure you have less vacancy and thus less lost revenue
  • King GeoKing George Property Management Solutions has a network of local vendors that can provide more cost effective bids and repair quotes, thus reducing your expenses
  • King George Property Management will provide property owners with less stress

Retail Management Service

At King George Property Management Solutions, we understand that successful property management starts with getting to know the property and property owners. We make it a top priority to know our stakeholders and would welcome a conversation with you.