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Top 10 Reasons You Need A Property Manager

Once you’ve invested in a rental property, the accountability of running and maintaining the property can become more and more overwhelming. For a lot of rental owners, the logical solution is to employ a property management company to supervise their… Continue Reading

5 Ways an AIRBNB Manager Can Help

An Airbnb management service is a company that manages seasonal lets on behalf of an owner, including services such as: meet and greet, cleaning, check-out, ad creation and communication with guests, etc. The added value of an Airbnb management service… Continue Reading

Switching Management Companies

Switching to a new Los Angeles property management company is actually easier than you think. Of course, there are always stresses and worries when going through a significant change, and when it comes to your business, you want to ensure… Continue Reading

Should I Self-Manage My Rental Unit

Self-management is a choice many first time rental unit owners make. It might sound like a way to save money by putting your own labor into managing an apartment, duplex, or rental home. However, most experienced landlords know that self-management… Continue Reading

3 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Landlord in Los Angeles

Property ownership is one of the best investments a person can make. It's a passive form of income that nets monthly profits, while potentially generating long-term wealth for property owners. While there are many ways property owners can profit from real estate,… Continue Reading

Top 5 Home Improvements to Attract Tenants

If you're a new landlord wanting to put your best foot forward or you're experienced but struggling to attract tenants, a few improvements in the rental house or apartment might do the trick. The right look grabs attention when renters… Continue Reading